El Mundo de Birch
This site includes a downloadable Excel file listing nearly 600 songs to use in the classroom, with info on the grammar, vocabulary, and cultural concepts present (as well as a YouTube link for each). Also on the site are dozens of lesson plans, worksheets, and activities for using the songs in the classroom

acapella site French and English

offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty free music needs including full albums, tracks and free music clips, loops, and beats available for download.|Free music - copyright free for educational purposes]]

Up to 10 - available in French and English for free.

Carmen Vera Pérez's comprehensive website of French songs

French songs with exercises

French as a Foreign Language
Comprehensive website with lots of links to sites and ideas for exploitation of them

Kay McMeekin's blog
lots of French comptines and songs, with soundfile links

In Discotheque: choose from one of 100 songs from the alphabetical list; click on the title to hear it, press stop to pause or stop.
In Bibliotheque; text of 200 comptines and nursery rhymes. Downloadable under 'telechargez'.
Les imagiers
A YouTube channel with lots of song resources; traditional comptines, songs and video resources and a link to the website with more.

David Hicks alias Monsieur X
35 songs and raps on his CD for language learning.

French songs for language learning
Subtitled songs from the same YouTube source
JUAN ÁNGEL MARTÍNEZ GARCÍA's YouTube contributions - Lecturer in French from Oviedo University in Spain

Vocal Union
lots of traditional songs/tunes - some in French German and Spanish

Comedy singing duo French
La chanson du dimanche: produce a new song on Sundays. Satirical? Oui. Try 'au pays d'Elizabeth' (évidemment, l'Angleterre). Lyrics available on their website.

Spanish songs and ol' favourites in English
Search the English language songs alphabetically to find the tunes for songs like Camptown Races and Camp Granada
(my staples for days of the week and months of the year) Many more, with lyrics in English (shh!)

Commercial, pop and standards - lots of songs in Spanish
Part of the amazing blog by Zachary Jones

Create backing tracks for your own music

Lisa Stevens on how to use YouTube etc
From her presentation at the Primary Languages Show 2009

Multilingual song website. Some downloadable music files and single part music. Hebridean anyone?

websites for songs
The sites I've saved at Delicious

Sunderland schools song and sound files
French and Spanish songs; many traditional songs here! With MP3 files